Thursday, October 27, 2005


Friday, Sept 30

After breakfast with my friends Missy and Tim, I drive from Charlotte to DC. I have to get in town for Jamey and Ashley's is going to be close...but I find just enough time to stop into Dave's Taverna Express in Harrisonburg! The trip is offically over...what a bummer! What an amazing time.

Thursday, Sept 29

I drive up to Charlotte to visit with my uncle. We head downtown Charlotte for dinner, relax, and have a good time.

Wednesday, Sept 28

Sleep in after the super-long drive (16 hour drive) from Houston. I saw some serious hurricane damage along the drive, got caught in traffic jams, had to wait 45 minutes to fill-up at a gas station (everyone filling up their cars and canisters), and used a TON of gas! Yikes!

Got in a gym workout at Gold's (thanks for the pass Kate)! Feels good to get back into the gym after the long travels.

Headed out to the Coldplay concert with Jeff and his friends. Best show I have ever seen, they really rocked it out!


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