Monday, September 19, 2005


Friday, Sept 16

I found the best spot for a breakfast in the morning. For $2.99 you got French toast, 2 eggs, bacon, and home fries. This was most desirable, I will be back tomorrow! Sara had the day off from work, and took me to a really cool lava pipe (aka “cave”). It was amazing. After driving out on a dirt road for about 15 minutes, we dropped into this small opening in the ground, the temperature dropped 20 degrees, and we kicked on the lantern. After entering the cave, it is pitch black. I am thinking…maybe I should have brought some back-up batteries, b/c we won’t make it out of here if they die. It is a ¾ mile hike to the end of the lava pipe, and it is amazing. It takes nearly 45 minutes each way b/c some of the openings are so small and the rock is so loose that you are walking on (or climbing down). One of the coolest things I have done on my trip…glad I met a local to help me find it…I could not have found the lava pipe on my own.

I hit up some local trails, got in a good ride, and then went out downtown. Off to NM tomorrow, long driving day.

Thursday, Sept 15

Awesome day at the Grand Canyon. The feeling when I first saw it was unreal. It really takes your breath away with the beauty of what was created. I hiked down into the Canyon for a few hours, then back out (a little tougher on the way out). I met some really neat travelers during my hike.

I got back into Flagstaff and met up with my friend Sara. We grabbed dinner, and then went to some of the local hot spots (and won some serious games of foosball), good times!

Wednesday, Sept 14
Off to Sedona I go. After a short 1.5 hour ride I arrive, and it is beautiful. Huge red rock formations everywhere. I decide the best way to explore and get good views will be to hit the local bike trails. I get in a great 2+ hour ride over VERY technical terrain (I am lovin the full-suspension bike now!). Then I go meet up with the jeep tour company. I was promised it would be a pretty aggressive Jeep tour, but I was skeptical. About 15 minutes into the adventure, I was having an awesome time. The views were spectacular, but even better, we were going through some gnarly jeep trails (lucky these Jeeps had upgraded suspensions and tires). This is awesome, and we were hitting some climbs/descents at 45 degree angles (WAY STEEP)….EXTREME jeeping!! Ha ha. You jeep guys (James and Matty) would have loved this jeep trail! Off to Flagstaff to crash at a hostel (catch up on some much needed sleep) and rest up to hike the Grand Canyon. Update: met a couple Irish guys at the hostel (where the 8 person room stunk horribly with some funky dudes staying there), played some foosball/pool at the hostel, then hit the town Irish-style (this could delay my departure time in the morning)…


At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought there were going to be real time updates to this blog - all i see is once a week updates. Come on fancy boy

At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tucker, I hope you got some pics of the Jeep trail :-)

At 12:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok Tucker, we have let you slack of on the blogging a bit the last couple weeks, but let's get it together master traveler.

At 11:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you too depressed because you are coming home to update your blog? Not a good show, Mr. Jones.


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