Friday, August 26, 2005


Tuesday Aug 23

Woke up very excited about a 3 hour trip to go Riverboarding with my little cousin Cody. Andrea took the morning to look for apartments in Denver…while we ripped it up on the ripboards. Shane took us out on a white water park on a river, and we learned to use the boards. The sport is awesome, you basically boogie board down a river with wetsuit, pads, and helmet. SO COOL!! Man, did we have a great 3 hours on the river. We actually got to run the section of the river 3 times, and we go better each. We were surfing some crazy waves, and pulling some cool stunt moves. Cody did awesome, and had a great time. Way fun.

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Before we left town, we stopped in and saw the Red Rocks Amphitheatre...way cool!!

Off to Salt Lake City and Lake Tahoe…I am excited…but 2 LONG days of driving. As I type, we are in Wyoming…listening to Latin music on XM…I am about to shoot myself. Oh, and now the volume was increased…great! The joys of traveling with a friend ;) It is 11pm, and Andrea is complaining that she is tired…I tell her tough luck…we gotta keep pushing on if we want to make it to Lake Tahoe on time. The nerve…after she was 2 hours late getting back from apartment shopping this afternoon. We push on…her 1am late shift drive is not gonna be fun…not my fault!! Ha ha.

Monday Aug 22
Andrea picked me up from the airport, and then we packed up the car again with the rest of her stuff. The car is officially overloaded and will probably have something fly off the roof at some point over the next 2 weeks with Andrea. Good news for her, she got an offer to work at Denver Athletic Club and plans to move out to CO to live the good life! We drove out to Golden to see my Uncle, Aunt and cousins one last time before I skipped town. We had dinner and hung out for the night.


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