Tuesday, August 09, 2005

For your Sports Center fans…"Life is an open road to me"

I'm sitting at the wheel

I got a green light

Not afraid of nothin' cuz heart and soul

I'm built for life

So let the engine roarPush the pedal down

I want the white lines on the highway

To lead me out of town

I'm rolling on and on and on

Who knows where I'm goin'?

Life is an open road - it's the best story never told

It's an endless sky - it's the deepest sea

Life is an open road to meLife is an open road to me

I got headlights to guide me thru the night

I got the window down and the radio playing

It makes me feel alive


At 1:12 PM, Anonymous CT said...

I think all of this driving is making you a bit loopy.


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