Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Santa Fe

Monday, Sept 19

Mark took the afternoon off work, so we went out on another great ride (nearly 3 hours). Beautiful country for riding. Then we got back just in time to watch the Redskins game!! An amazing come from behind 14-13 victory over the hated Dallas Cowboys...wwhhhooooo whooooo!!

Sunday, Sept 18

My uncle (Mark Ish) and I spent some time doing bike repairs/tune-ups in the morning. Then we headed over to his ranch in NM (I was hoping to get in his Cessna and fly up to his ranch in CO, but it didn't work out). No worries, we had a great 2+ hour ride in NM, and saw elk, wild turkey, and a BEAR PRINT!! Pretty cool place. We met up with his kids and wife for a picnic, then played around with the paintball guns for a while. After that, we grabbed some authentic mexican food, and I got the best enchiladas EVER!!

Sat, Sept 17

Long day of driving from Flagstaff to Santa Fe. I stopped along the way at Sky City (Acomo Pueblo) and spent a few hours taking a tour and exploring. This pueblo is the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States. The Pueblo was built on a 70-acre site of the massive sandstone mesa which rises 367 feet above the valley and approximately 7,000 feet above sea level. VERY COOL! I got to my uncle's house in Santa Fe that evening.


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