Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Dallas/Fort Worth

Thursday, Sept 22

In the morning, headed over to Speedzone and spent over an hour acting like a kid. Go-karts were great, but the real treat was a drag race car that went 0-70 mph then back to 0 in under 4 seconds!! This was unreal scary, as you drove the car and shifted (it was on a rail so you couldn't crash it). Awesome fun. I then headed over to the Fort Worth Stockyards, had the steak of the year from H3 steakhouse, and check out Billy Bob's (one of the biggest bars in the world, indoor rodeo, can hold 7,000 people)!!

I then met up with Jeff Weekly (again) and his friend Adam for a night out in Dallas.

Off to lower Greenville for somesuper cheap drink specials at The Billiard Bar. Jeff started off by saying,ah lets just have maybe 2 beers tonight and save our energy for ACL..(Austin City Limits 2005). Well those drinks we pretty darn cheap, $3.50 for 2 drafts and one vodka tonic. Famous last words of Jeff "you can't those kind of specials in Atlanta. CRAZY. REDICLULOUS" We then head to Adams favorite after hour dining spot anauthentic Mexican Restaurant for some authentic fajitas. Beef Fajitas on fresh white corn tortillas.

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Found a pretty cool mountain bike trail around a lake...much better riding than I thought I would find in Dallas. Only problem? About 103 degrees with high humidity. After I got back from my ride I quickly heard that it was a code red bueno! Home cooked ribs for dinner, good stuff!!

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Long driving day from Santa Fe to Dallas. Grabbed Mexican dinner in Dallas with my uncle Lanse and my cousins.


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